Nuts are among the most incredible foods on our planet. They are charged with fibres, nutritious substances and healthy fats. They have no sugar and contain minimum carbohydrates, and the best of all they are irresistibly tasty.
Dried fruits, beside fresh fruits, are the most natural cure.  Based on their high contents of fibres, they have positive influence on digestion and prevent the feeling of starving for a long time. More, they give concentrated energy and are favourite snacks, especially by sportsmen.
The fruit of pistachio – Yes, this is actually a fruit.
Pistachio is green in colour, which comes from the same pigment (chlorophyll) as in spinach, cabbage and other great vegetable food. Pistachio consumption is connected to antioxidants increase in blood, heart health improvement and can even reduce the risk of lung cancer. Pistachio can be eaten the whole fruit as snack, can be used in the form of butter or paste for food seasoning or as salad topping.
Walnuts are well distinguished among all the nuts – they are the only nuts that contain omega-3 fatty acid! In addition to the cardiac benefits of the walnuts consumption, you would reduce the prostate cancer risk, breast cancer risk as well as improve motive skills, especially regarding elderly individuals. Use walnuts as gluten-free base of all types of food that require sheet of pastry (healthy pies and cakes).
Peanuts are not nuts at all.
That’s right! They are leguminous plant. And guess what else – you have to add them to your diet during pregnancy instead of pills. A survey found that mothers, who consume peanuts and other nuts during their pregnancy, give birth to children with considerably low frequency of walnut allergies.
Your peristalsis loves almonds more than any other nut.
A 2008 study found that almonds (and particularly the fats in almonds) can play certain role in increasing the healthy bacteria in the intestines.
Beside that, a study in 2013 found that almond consumption contributes to increasing the feeling of satiety without risk of increasing weight. That’s why almonds can be perfect possibility combining usefulness for both, the intestines and the fight against overweight.
Brazil nuts are favourable for men.
Boys, stop throwing the big Brazil nuts away from the mixes you buy! Brazil nuts are a mine of selenium, a mineral that is proved to be effective in the fight against prostate cancer.
Crunchy, tasty pumpkin seeds. They are packed with fibres, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and many healthy benefits. Studies uncover that some phyto-chemical combinations in the pumpkin seed butter play role in the prevention from diabetes-kidney disorder.
Tasty, tasty and crunchy sunflower, it is considered healthy food. The seeds possess high contents of energy; 100 g of seeds possess about 584 calories. Despite that, they are one of the most incredible sources of nutritious components for the health, containing minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Acid that contributes to reducing LDL / the so called bad cholesterol and to increasing HDL / the so called good cholesterol in the blood. These aggregates are natural antioxidants that contribute to obliterating the bad for the health oxidizing molecules in the body. Besides that, the chlorogenic acid helps reducing blood sugar levels through limiting glycogen secretion in the liver.
Cranberries are the most powerful antioxidants among ordinary fruits, shows a study. They possess anti cancer characteristics, suppress the growth of general pathogens and have antibacterial features. They are rich in anti-cancer means. Advantages – avert urethra infections and reduce tiredness.
Raisins are rich in carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Raisins’ high nutritious value comes mainly from their sugar contents. They contain eight times more sugar than grapes. Sugar, containing in the raisins, is of the highest quality as well as the one of grapes as far as great part of this sugar is formed of glucose and fruit sugar. Glucose is effective at achieving fast warming up and energy for the body. They are rich in: dietetic fibers, iron, potassium, vitamin B. Benefits – add sweetness to the table luxuries, prevent from illnesses.